[Logarion] Suggestions: Shorten the --help output, return control to shell prompt.

Refpga refpga at disroot.org
Tue Jan 8 18:43:28 GMT 2019

Currently, running $logarion --help command displays the whole manpage,
and a pager captures the control of the console from there on. I think
the help message could be a lot more short and terse. It is also
unconventional for a cli program to capture input unless told to do so.

Running it with $logarion -h gives too short & useless information. It
doesn't even mention any options.

>From the Cmdliner docs(http://erratique.ch/software/cmdliner/doc/Cmdliner),

     The help command shows help about commands or other topics. The help
     shown for commands is generated by Cmdliner by making an appropriate
     use of Cmdliner.Term.ret on the lifted help function.

     If the program is invoked without a command we just want to show the
     help of the program as printed by Cmdliner with --help. This is done by
     the default_cmd term.

Perhaps using default_cmd term is what I mean. Currently, even the
normal invocation using $logarion captures the user input and displays
a longer help message.

We should make the message on -h more useful, yet short, and probably
have the same message for both -h and --help options, and leave manpage
for the $man command.


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