[Logarion] Feature Request: Exposing Low level operations to command line nterface

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Tue Jan 8 23:00:12 GMT 2019

On Tue, Jan 08, 2019 at 06:10:28PM +0000, refpga at disroot.org wrote:
>I was thinking that we should have the low level operations in logarion
>exposed via command line. Features like ID generation on demand, could
>be useful for further integration into, (say) editors like emacs, or
>simply other clients using the command line interface.

The command-line interface has been missing critical functionality for a while now, but the priority has been the text-file interface. Texts are the core input in Logarion.

Currently working on the `list` command, for querying the archive, but something like `git show` would be handy for chaining programs.

What do you mean by ID generation on demand?


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