[Logarion] [Dev] Topic graphs coming up

orbifx fox at orbitalfox.eu
Fri Mar 1 11:05:54 GMT 2019

I've added contexting to topics. The prototype syntax is:

	topic > topic

Multiple levels are also allowed:

	topic > topic > topic > ..

Exemplar header:

	Topics: technology > computing > ocaml, personal > projects > computing

An article with the above topics tells the reader that the text is about OCaml as a computer technology subtopic, but also personal log of computing projects.

Why topic graphs?

It aids exploration and filtering.
A reader can subscribe on all my texts on "technology" topics, or "technology > computing" to get only that subset and so on.
Also a reader browsing the website can navigate directly to topics of interest as Logarion now produces a graph of all topics from the texts in the archive.
Say I had another text with "personal > cooking". The graph with the two texts would be:

	      technology --> computing --> ocaml
         personal +-> projects --+
                  +--> cooking

This exploration value will shine when Logarion can federate and the number of topics grows beyond what a personal archive would normally contain.

Any thoughts or ideas welcome :)

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