[Logarion] Shoud I be developing Logarion on Guix?

Andrew Miloradovsky andrew at interpretmath.pw
Tue Mar 26 12:11:40 GMT 2019

The cost is the larger disk space utilization, if that ever matters.
And also probably the steeper learning curve; but it's worth it, IMO.

I find myself needing to make the root partition (where /gnu is stored)
times bigger than with a conventional distribution. Like, 32Go, instead
of just 16Go.
And w.r.t. the learning curve, I came to Guix(SD) from Nix(OS), and
still had to read quite a lot of the manual (which is good, b.t.w.,
unlike Nix's).

On 2/8/19 3:00 PM, orbifx wrote:
> I read this
> <https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/blog/2018/tarballs-the-ultimate-container-image-format>
> and `guix pack` appealed to me.
> What are the shortcomings of Guix? Or the cost of their approach?

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