[Logarion] Shoud I be developing Logarion on Guix?

sehnsucht sehnsucht at fastmail.com
Thu Mar 28 17:49:01 GMT 2019

Andrew Miloradovsky <andrew at interpretmath.pw> Wrote in message:
> Mirage OS seems to be the way to go for all server software written inOCaml; it provides a more convenient hardware (and OS) abstraction.While Guix is supposed to be used on a desktop or server, where thesoftware is written in multiple different languages and build systems.So you might still use Guix as a development environment, instead of sayDebian: seems like Guix is somewhat less hostile towards OPAM than Nix…Either way, you may and probably should have the build scripts for those(say =logarion.scm= with the package description, and =default.nix=).On 3/26/19 12:45 PM, orbifx wrote:> That's part of what puts me off the whole approach.> > I'm now considering just focusing on "unikerneling" it.

Care to provide a recap of Guix pros and cons? I'm interested in
 trying it on desktop, and starting using Emacs more extensively
 at the same time; all I know for now is that GNU   Shepherd
 service scripts are written in GNU Scheme, while I have a
 elementary2average understanding of Common Lisp.

If I considered myself a *nix power user with a focus on
 scientific applications, would Guix fit my use case?
\ vins \

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