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orbifx 🦊 fox at orbitalfox.eu
Fri Jan 8 21:56:33 GMT 2021

On 2020/12/23 19:21, Ben wrote:
> Micro-goals:
> - Minor adjustments to Gemini's date.gmi:
> -- # sign before the title of the page
> -- YYYY-MM-DD dates before the text names in the links

That's done now as you are aware :)

> Big picture goals:
> - Can export to html, gemini, and gopher
> - Conversion is bug-free (requires the planned new parser)

The new parser is under good way. Was hoping to have something you could try today, then realised.. the templates! Logarion_xml uses the template module to do the headers and footers and that's crucial, so have that has to happen too. The template notation is so simple that there is hardly a need to maintain the dependency.

> allowing Gemini/Gopher formatted links in the document source.[..] 
> - Easy to write, easy to read
> - For Gemini and Gopher can simply be passed through without conversion
> - Easy to convert to HTML

The later two don't help, but I appreciate the first. In the spirit of the new parser, with pluralist notations, the notation can be added.

> That means I can author my texts in a way that technically does not require conversion for Gemini or Gopher

That's the idea, though not for ease of conversion but to accommodate tastes and preferences.

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