Dev: Changes underway

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Wed Feb 17 14:10:13 GMT 2021

Hello all!

There are big (breaking) changes coming up in Logarion, preparing it for decentralised networking-federation.

Firstly, the Categories header-field is no longer used by Logarion. Instead the archive keeps track independently of what is (un-)published, (de-)indexed. The information is tracked using hardlinks, created under `.logarion/`. See end of message for commands.

Secondly, Toml won't be used for the configuration file and Markdown is no longer be the default text format.

Toml is replaced by key-value pairs of the same format as the text headers, eliminating the library dependency. At the moment there are three fields in consideration:

	Archive-Name: Library of Alexandria
	Archive-ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
	Archivists: John Doe <><mailto:jd at>

Archivists is a comma separated sequence of "name [<uri>..]". The URIs can be any protocol, so a person is no longer restricted to using just one email uri.

The default plain text format, whose definition is not complete, will avoid using unintuitive characters for marking, instead using spaces and conventional punctuation. Of course one can use any text format, which Logarion will leave alone. The default plaint-text format being considered at the moment:

Heading A

A paragraph. It's a group of sentences. References are in [brackets]. Inline URIs are only allowed within angled brackets, for example: <>. But a bare URI is allowed on its own line:

Heading B

1. Ordered
2. List

Heading C

* Bullet
* List


[bracket]: can contain anything, including URIs <>.


That's it. The heading is identified by the being a single sentence without a period at the end. I'm considering the requirement of starting it with control character ^A or optionally allowing custom enumerations (e.g. A., or I., 1.).

Another consideration is whether to  use {} instead of [], since {} are rarer in existing texts.

Finally I'm preparing my own, independent OPAM repository, so no more manually pinning of dependencies, for those who want the latest versions.

That's all for now, it's quite a long message. If you find the time to comment and share thoughts on any of the above, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

New commands:
	logarion pub [-i] <files>
	logarion deindex [-u] <files>

Where `-i` means (also) index the files being published and `-u` flag means also unpublish the files.

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