Automatic Linking

Ben benulo at
Sat Feb 20 14:37:35 GMT 2021

OK so this may not be appropriate for Logarion so much as it might be 
useful for a separate project, but I was remembering recently how I used 
to use this old not taking app on Linux called Tomboy. I'm sure a lot of 
you have used it because it used to come as part of Gnome, but it's not 
any longer.

Basically what Tomboy would do is that you author notes, and while you 
were writing them they would link to each other automatically if the 
title of one appeared in the text. So if I had a note titled "Logarion" 
then everywhere Logarion is mentioned becomes a link to that text. I 
thought it was so useful I used to use it as like a mini-wiki for my job.

It occurred to me that since Logarion is planning on supporting the 
ability to link between texts, something like this might become 
possible. Maybe it's not practical, but perhaps when texts are 
converted/exported automatic (or facilitated?) linking could be part of 
the process.



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