Automatic Linking

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Sat Feb 20 15:11:53 GMT 2021

On 2021/02/20 14:37, Ben wrote:
> I was remembering recently how I used to use this old not taking app on Linux called Tomboy

^^ I remember Tomboy fondly.

> [..] Logarion is planning on supporting the ability to link between texts, something like this might become possible. Maybe it's not practical, but perhaps when texts are converted/exported automatic (or facilitated?) linking could be part of the process.
Yes, the links will have to be translated before signing takes place, because changing the link to a UUID after that will break the signature. So the author can write <short name> save, edit, save, but during `logarion pub` it will have to be switched to UUID. Alternatively it could be that `short-name` belongs in the `author/short-names` namespace.

What do you think?

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