Local filename format

Ben benulo at systemli.org
Sat Mar 6 17:40:51 GMT 2021

On 3/6/21 8:35 PM, belong wrote:
> In my opinion having the uuid part in front of the filename makes more 
> sense, just so files are a bit more organized.

But aren't the UUID's random? I'm not sure if having the files 
necessarily be in a random order counts as organization. ;)

I think both schemes can work. It sort of depends on how you are 
selecting files for editing; for example, if I want to auto-complete the 
filename based on the title (from memory) then I couldn't do that if the 
UUID comes first. On the other hand if I'm starting with the UUID part 
(let's say I saw the article first and then wanted to edit it, so I 
memorized or copied the UUID part) then finding the file becomes easier.



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