Local filename format

belong belong at posteo.eu
Sat Mar 6 19:30:04 GMT 2021

On 3/6/21 5:59 PM, fox at orbitalfox.eu wrote:
> The UUIDs are random at generation, so yes there is no easy mnemonic 
> other than looking at it, or perhaps using the Logarion command to 
> search and edit.
> You've described my conundrum well Ben, about the exclusive benefits of 
> each approach. One extra benefit of UUID first is that it's unlikely to 
> get many overlapping cases (think articles starting with "The ..").

Ben has a point!

> I reckon for general distribution UUIDs first might be better (also for 
> URL expansion), but can't decide for local. Maybe it can be UUID first 
> when exporting and then configurable for local?

Maybe you could make it into a configuration or commandline switch 
option, to either put the uuid in front or the back, at least for the 
local or export?

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