Dev: Archive copying early testing (MsgPack/HTTP)

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Sun Mar 7 15:59:32 GMT 2021

Logarion-http now works with the new index format (MsgPack encoded) generated by the latest Logarion version. It's similar to Atom feeds, hopefully more efficient. It would help me if I could test with other peoples' archives, so let me know if you get this version, available in your nearest super-market but also via git & tarball:

When you run `logarion convert` it will produce an `index.pck` in your export directory. This contains header information of texts indexed in your archive. It doesn't contain the text body and does not contain un-indexed texts (even if they are published). Logation-http downloads the index and then downloads relevant texts referenced by it. I've not completed the filters, so filtering by author, keywords or topics doesn't work yet.

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