Gemini Export

Ben benulo at
Tue Mar 9 16:58:41 GMT 2021

I want to make a couple small requests for changes in Logarion's 
behavior. The first is that I have a line like this in my config file:

Archivists: Ben <benulo at>

You can see that it contains my e-mail, but when new texts are authored 
it is (I think intentionally) excluded. I don't mind this in general, 
but for a long time now I've been writing posts on Gemini with my e-mail 
address as part of the post, and I think it's important to keep doing 
that because that's the only way people can respond to me if they read 
something I write. They could of course check my site for my contact 
info, but having it right there on the page is helpful especially since 
people will probably be visting the posts directly.

The other thing also related to Gemini is that the resulting .gmi files 
come out with a nice header but I think too much white space between the 
heading and the content. Basically, there's two blank lines separating 
the body from the heading, but I'd prefer it to be one like how it is in 
the original texts when I author them.

Oh, there is another thing, which is that in some texts I have a line like:

# Header

Where the space between "#" and "Header" is there on purpose, but the 
exporter makes it:


This doesn't make much of a difference for clients that do more 
formatting, but when viewing it plainly or in a more basic client it's 
good to have the space there for readability.



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