Gemini Export

fox at fox at
Tue Mar 9 19:09:19 GMT 2021

On 2021/03/09 16:58, Ben wrote:
> Archivists: Ben <benulo at>

An aside: you can now add multiple <> after your name, with mail, web, and so on.

> You can see that it contains my e-mail, but when new texts are authored it is (I think intentionally) excluded.

It's planned to add an option for selecting which types of addressed to show for each export type. Perhaps having an optional obfuscation. Since you mention it, I will prioritise it.

> .gmi files [..] too much white space between the heading and the content.

Thanks for bringing it up, it would take me a while to spot it. This should be a quick fix, will email you when it's done.

> Where the space between "#" and "Header" is there on purpose, but the exporter makes it:

Do you recommend the converter always ads a a space or follow the authors format?
Thankfully the parser providers (or can provide) information about the author's choice.

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