Should email URI require mailto?

fox at fox at
Sun Mar 14 12:05:42 GMT 2021

On 2021/03/14 07:43, Ben wrote:
> I could also use my XMPP ID

That's already there, you can add <xmpp:> to your Authors or Archivists.

it would probably need to be made clear whether something is for mailto: or xmpp: [..] Also terminal emulators will probably automatically pick up the mailto: link, no?

Yes. That's my conundrum. For many, parsers and people, a scheme-less address of the form name at domain is an email address. Other addresses have to have a scheme unless within a certain context, e.g. an xmpp client will presume a scheme-less address to be an xmpp one. I like defaulting to an email context, but it'd need to be encoded in Logarion, so that it can add the scheme for formats were it's required (e.g. HTML). Once texts start circulating, then we will have to stick with that default.

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