Dev: Multi-route publishing (sans hard links)

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Fri Apr 2 14:55:39 BST 2021

For those running my development version, you might have noticed that `publish` created hard-links to tracking what's published and indexed. It was an experiment, which has revealed these issues:

1. not easily portable
2. somewhat fragile
3. less efficient compared to a compact file for bulk operations & purging

Ask if you are interested in further explanation for any of the above.

Therefore I'm thinking of going the route I took for index files which needed to be portable and use a file in Msgpck format. I'm considering a publication command like:

	logarion publish file.txt some-route-a .. some-route-n/name.ext

where `file.txt` is the text being published, `some-route-x` are the different protocols or sites setup, and `/name.ext` is specifying a file-name for that route.
This will accommodate the multi-site requirements some have had, including the ability to have hidden sites:

	logarion publish some-personal.txt my-close-friends

Is that simple enough to others here? Any ideas or wishes?

Thank you

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