Dev: upcoming features and changes

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Mon Jun 7 21:56:43 BST 2021

New features and improvements available on the source code repository. They are "beta" for those who wish to help with testing. Stable executables releases to follow after discussing and testing. I'd like to read your thoughts and observations.

Command name

Experimentally changing the command to `txt`. Shorter and hopefully more intuitive. I don't know of any clashes, but if you do please let me know.

New subcommand

The `create` subcommand has been changed to `new`:
txt new <title>


The `publish` subcommand changes to `file`, so `txt file ...`, to make it clear that the operation doesn't send anything, it only links in the filesystem. The arguments can be a mixture of texts and directories and all the texts will be filed under all the directories. For example:
txt file a.txt foo/ b.txt bar/
will link `a.txt` and `b.txt` into both `foo` and `bar` directories. Note they are hard-linked, so the duplicate files don't take extra space and altering one text changes all them. This hopefully makes it easier to have different sites-collections, for family, friends, public, subprojects and so on. The  `unfile` subcommand reverts the `file` operation.


The conversion command now has the `-t|--type` option which selects the output type. Current supported values are `htm` & `gmi`. If the type parameter is omitted, all supported types are created. The subcommand still requires the target directory argument. At the moment the target directory has to contain the text files to be converted, so first do `txt file <texts> <target dir>` and then `txt convert <target dir>`.


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