Dev: upcoming features and changes

Ben benulo at
Tue Jun 15 11:36:29 BST 2021

So I have been re-learning Logarion yesterday and today and seeing how I 
can integrate it with my workflow. I have converted 
gemini:// to use Logarion as the back-end. My own bash 
script wraps around it to provide automation, and I successfully 
imported all of my old posts into Logarion, although if I wanted to 
switch back to the old system exporting them from Logarion might be tricky!

Here are some of my opinions now that I'm using it in practice:

Deleting posts is not easy, because Logarion does not currently delete 
files. I wrote a simple bash script that if I request it to delete a 
.txt, it will also delete it from my export dir(s) as well as the 
converted (.gmi) version of it.

I think the most sensible thing is to do (if I remember right, this was 
the old behavior) a comparison when converting a directory, so when I do 
`txt convert -t gmi export/` if export/ is found to contain a .txt file 
that no longer exists in the archive's base directory, then that .txt 
file will be deleted as well as any converted product of it. (At least 
the .gmi file since I used -t gmi.)

The idea is that the directories used for conversion will always 
accurately reflect the "master" copy of the archive and not have 
anything left-over from deleted files.

Another thing that I am currently working around is the name of some 
files which the converter generates. Specifically with gmi, the Gemini 
host expects "index.gmi" to exist. I work around this leaving a symlink 
in export/ to, but ideally that file would be named 
index.gmi by the converter so I wouldn't need the symlink anymore. If 
you'd like this to be configurable, perhaps that could be a setting in 
the config file.

I'm also symlinking "atom.xml" to "feed.atom" because my site was simply 
previously using "atom.xml" so if that file isn't present Capcom and 
maybe some subscribers who use Atom will lose the site. You don't have 
to change this because the file name is arbitrary... I could send an 
e-mail to Capcom and ask them to update my feed URI, but I wonder if 
"atom.xml" is not the most standard file name for atom feeds?

Also what do you think of txt having a "list" command of some kind, 
where it lists the texts by date? I can do "ls -t" but since that is 
"newest first" it's kind of a pain for me to quickly see which texts 
were my latest. Also if the file timestamps ever get messed up, I'd best 
need Logarion to order the files for me based on the date provided in 
their headers.



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