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Thu Jun 17 11:36:30 BST 2021

Hi Ben,

Glad to read you have your own script to automate the things you want. I think for a good while that will be the way for everyone to customise Logarion to their flow.

Deleting 'posts' will be implemented. Been thinking how to accommodate as many flows as possible. A subdirectory for example is not necessarily just an export directory; it could be a sub-archive which can contain a text even if the parent doesn't. Also, I've avoided creating a cache to track converted files, or watermarking them with anything, not fond of such registries. Emptying the target directory first is inefficient (unchanged files aren't reconverted) and means the target directory can't be used for anything else.

How about when converting a directory, the converter will check for existing .htm or .gmi which didn't have an matching .txt and ask to delete them or delete them anyway if --delete argument is provided. What do you think?

Index.gmi is not generated because I noticed there is a convention to make one's own 'front-page' or index.gmi, with info and links. Is that not the case?

Symlinking to the dated index is a good approach. I've been thinking of leveraging more the system more (filesystem, etc) instead of duplicating this functionality with custom config files. There could be commands to generate these symlinks though for example as a wizard. What do you think on this?

Personally I don't think "atom.xml" is the most sensible name. Extensions ".atom" are valid, so it'd be nice to have a more descriptive name. Even "feed.atom" isn't great, it could be the name of the archive, e.g. "bens-logarion.atom". Anyway, I'd like to make the names configurable, but it's lower on the priority. Still appreciate knowing this is affecting you, so that I can put it on a list.

There is a `txt list` command and it's supposed to show texts by date, but it doesn't.. it needs revising for the new archive code. It generally needs some work to make it what it ought to be, lots of loose ends in that function. Needed the reminder!

I've made notes for all the above in a txt. ^^

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