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Ben benulo at
Thu Jun 17 16:43:54 BST 2021

On 6/17/21 3:06 PM, fox at wrote:
> How about when converting a directory, the converter will check for 
> existing .htm or .gmi which didn't have an matching .txt and ask to 
> delete them or delete them anyway if --delete argument is provided. What 
> do you think?

This sounds good to me. It will take care of the orphaned .htm and .gmi 
files. I will just have to ensure that the .txt is not present in the 
directory being converted.

 > Index.gmi is not generated because I noticed there is a convention to 
make one's own 'front-page' or index.gmi, with info and links. Is that 
not the case?

I guess it depends on the site's structure, but one thing that's very 
common now is to put the gemlog in its own directory, so in my case 
having it in /gemlog/ is a very common convention, in which cae you'd 
want it to be index.gmi

 > Symlinking to the dated index is a good approach.

Yes this works well overall. I've used it with other programs as well 
that generate filenames other than the ones I want, lol.

 > for example as a wizard. What do you think on this?

Well I'm OK with creating my own links and directories and stuff, but 
I'm interested to see what you are able to innovate according to your on 
vision for the software.

 > Anyway, I'd like to make the names configurable, but it's lower on 
the priority. Still appreciate knowing this is affecting you, so that I 
can put it on a list.

Sure, and it's not necessary to have a specific name. From what I've 
seen so far, it's the site's responsibility to specify where the atom 
file is located, so there isn't like a default name or location. Capcom, 
for example, must be told which file to read, and I guess people usually 
put links to their atom feed on their page.

 > There is a `txt list` command and it's supposed to show texts by 
date, but it doesn't.. it needs revising for the new archive code. It 
generally needs some work to make it what it ought to be, lots of loose 
ends in that function. Needed the reminder!

I noticed you added it! It was working for me when I tried it, but I 
didn't check carefully to see if there were any out of order files. I 
would like it to display the file name specifically in the output so I 
can copy-paste the name of the file I want to edit. I even was thinking 
what if there was  "last" function that just gave the name of the most 
recent file, so I could do something like "nano `txt last`", but really 
I can just look at the out put of "txt list" and remember after that the 
name of the file(s) I'm working with.



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