Dev: upcoming features and changes

Ben benulo at
Thu Jun 17 17:13:47 BST 2021

I would assume if the feed file is being served over Gemini 
specifically, any software reading it would not read or render an HTML 
version of the content. In fact maybe no Gemini reader expects the text 
body in the feed file itself, but I guess this highlights the problem 
that HTTP and Gemini networks are expecting slightly different things 
from an atom feed. I wonder if you'd have to generate a different feed 
file for each conversion type (htm, gmi), because at the minimum the 
URI's will be different. (gemini:// location versus https:// location.)

But yes, atom is actually is not the norm on Gemini, it's just something 
some programs support. The main standard is gemfeed where the reader 
scans the content index directly.


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