Ben benulo at
Fri Jun 18 13:01:02 BST 2021

Another vote in favor of using this filename:

Currently I'm using in my script to provide Gemini with its 
own atom feed. (In effect, Logarion makes the atom feed for the HTML 
site, makes it for the Gemini site.) I merged my 
Gemini and HTML into a single archive, but each protocol has its own 
export dir; some texts go to gemini/, some go to public/ (HTML).

What does is generate an atom feed of the most recent .gmi 
files in a directory. It skips "index.gmi" specifically, but it doesn't 
know that isn't a post, so it syndicates it every time.

My current workaround is less than ideal, which is to first convert the 
folder, remove, run, and then run the 
converter a second time. An alternative method would be to get rind of 
my symlink to index.gmi and just move to index.gmi after 
each conversion, which the script could certainly do.

Easier still would be if that file were named index.gmi to begin with!



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