UUID portion for URL?

orbifx 🦊 fox at orbitalfox.eu
Sun Jul 4 14:29:39 BST 2021

Hi all,

For a while I've been thinking that the so called 'human readable URLs' are not ideal in general for the purpose of text archives (Logarion), indexing & URL sharing. So I've been thinking that the it would make more sense for links to use part of the UUID.

In my experience when a URL is shared in good fashion, it tends to come with a context or an explanation and in those cases the URL's keywords are redundant. Meanwhile they cause issues when a text is retitled (perma-linking) or if they are put in archives with clashing titles.

Of course in the context of a website some short semantic URLs make sense (about, index, contact, etc), and some support for that is required.

So I'm thinking of changing the default of how texts are converted, to use a portion of the UUID, specially for the text format.

Would the above affect you aversely?
Do you see any issues which I've not considered?

I need this settled before finalising the header packs.

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