Link entries?

vidak at vidak at
Sun Aug 1 02:31:25 BST 2021

I think it would be a good idea (:

I myself find it hard to make blogrolls (etc) by hand, so if you could
come up with some way of automating the process a little more, that
would be so cool!!!!

I was thinking, the way you _might_ be able to do it is just have two
columns of fields where the user could input a gemini or http link, and
then a title or description text for the link!

Then, you could add rows through a simple process of a carriage return,
or some such.

What were you thinking? I have promised you many times I would like to
use Logarion, and I think I am nearing the end of my time with Hugo (:

I want my website to look like this now:

It was a PUBNIX that I ran for ... almost a year?

Have a guess what system aesthetics I based it on (:


On 2021-07-31 15:24, orbifx 🦊 wrote:
> Do you see any significant advantage in specially "link" texts, whose
> purpose is to archive links?
> One idea would be to have a `Link:` or `Reference:` field (more
> thought needed) and the body of the text would be the description or
> comment. Writing this, I remembered that I intended to implement a
> Reference field so that people can refer and comment other texts.
> Alternatively, no headers are introduced and we write the link and
> text in the body. The archiver would struggle to distinguish this as a
> link-text, maybe depending on a special topic.
> Your perspective would help me :)

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