File command & index packs

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Mon Aug 30 19:45:19 BST 2021

Hello gang,

I'd like to finally complete the logarion/HTTP (other protocols to follow). Index packs are indices with meta information for an archive.

The last piece missing is filenames from the pack. I think that we can omit the filenames for the first version, but that would require a predetermined way of copying texts in the output directory.

Txt-file at the moment copies the filename as is, which can't be predicted. I think I should change that copying the txt as a predictable UUID format:

	<8 first UUID chars>.txt

Does anyone see any issues with that?

If not, this change will require refiling (renaming) currently exported txts. Only the texts, not .html or .gmi files. Hopefully this is the last time ^^

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