Dev: Feed list format

orbifx 🦊 fox at
Fri Sep 10 19:12:38 BST 2021

I merged HTTP pull function into logarion's repository (6cb3c2ef), instead of keeping it as a separate repo & binary. The binary size has jumped to 10 MiB, but I reckon this will be a regular function and having two binaries will probably complicate the process. Also there is another HTTP library which I'm told is simpler and hopefully smaller.

So, `txt pull http://orbifx.indy` for example, will download indexed texts into `peers/orbifx.indy/`.

I'm considering the format for the list of peers (feed list). Initially I thought a specially named file (e.g. peers.txt). Then thought with a dedicated URL scheme (e.g. http+l://) Logarion can recognise URLs in any text, but there would still need to be a feed list to select which of them to pull.

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